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psychiatric services

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatry is the medical subspecialty devoted to the care and treatment of mental illness and addiction. Mental illnesses or disorders include abnormalities associated with functions mediated by the brain including mood, behavior, cognitive, addictive and perceptual disturbances.

We, at Spectrum Psychiatry, P.C., offer care and personal attention for the treatment of mental illness. We believe in treating our patients with a holistic approach and employ a bio-psycho-social model. We are competent psychiatrists who specialize in the treatment of mental illness. First and foremost we spend time, most psychiatric disorders or mental illnesses are not acute phenomena; instead they are shaped by our genes as well as our environment. We believe that a thorough history will help make an accurate diagnosis. With an accurate diagnosis; better and focused treatment ensues. We offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, medication maintenance and monitoring, as well as brief behavioral and cognitive psychotherapeutic treatments for better coping for a complete approach.

The various types of treatments our psychiatric services offer are:

Psychotropic medications are used in those who meet criteria for their use. When mental illness affects the daily functioning of one's life, it is likely that a chemical imbalance of the brain is present and treatment with medications can improve and treat the disorder and therefore improve the quality of one's life. We have extensive training and experience in psychopharmacology and are comfortable in using many different types of medications, including natural and herbal supplements when possible to treat or augment the treatment of mental illness. Breakthrough treatments are available for chemical addictions as well.

Additionally, as a service to our patients we are able to dispense commonly used generic medications for anonymity, convenience, and cost-savings.

The psychotherapeutic treatment for mental illness we offer are specific evidence-based psychotherapies. Depending on the patients' individual struggles, level of motivation, cognitive abilities and diagnoses there are certain therapies that we believe in conjunction with medication are instrumental in one making "the lifestyle" change needed to fully treat and at times over come mental illness and addiction. We believe that the doctor - patient relationship is very important and effort to build that relationship in a non-judgmental, supportive and trusting environment is our priority. Some of the evidence-based therapies we incorporate in the treatment plan are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing and Therapy to affect change. Additionally, we are also happy to work in conjunction with a current therapist you may have to better affect change and recovery.

Recovering from mental illness can be difficult. People are often hesitant to seek treatment because of the stigma as well as the change and effort that is needed in treatment. Recovery is a journey with ups and downs. Restoring brain chemistry and adopting a healthy lifestyle can make substantial positive changes in one’s life. Through our psychiatric services recovery is possible and mental health attainable.



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